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We are delighted that you’re interested in hiring Design on a Dime to enhance your space.

The first step is understanding the design process and setting a budget. Hiring a designer is a luxury that everyone can afford when working with Design on a Dime.  Your personal needs determine the amount you invest with your designer.  Allow us to stretch your budget and deliver a custom look that’s worth your investment.  Below are outlines of how the process will work.  We will answer any questions you may have at our initial appointment however if you have questions before then, please email us.

Initial appointment. (design service fee $595)

At the point of contact, an appointment is set by the designer to meet and get the scope of the project. This is a time set for you to interview and contract the designer to begin working on your project. Should you agree to start work on the project discussed, a $400 payment will be collected to start your custom design proposal.

The designer and client have now entered the contract and the project begins.

Second appointment.

The designer returns to your home to present design options.

Once a design is selected, the client is expected to pay the remaining $195 service charge toward their project. If you are purchasing any of the furnishings presented in the design, the designer will invoice you with the merchandise selected. You then have an option to have merchandise delivered to your home and you complete the design on your own according to the initial plan set by the designer or you can have the design team return and complete the project. This white-glove service is $595.

Last appointment (should you decide on the white glove service)

This is the most exciting appointment! Installation day is delivered in white-glove style.  A team of movers and your designer begins to transform the room into the design that was presented during the second appointment. This service includes accessorizing, organizing, and making sure everything is as you have dreamt.  Design worth obsessing over.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge?

We charge a flat fee of $595 per project. $400 is the deposit amount needed to start the process.

What is the timeline for projects?

Generally, we allow 4-6 weeks for the process, from start to finish. This includes consultations, ordering, and delivery.

How do I set a budget?

Setting a budget doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a rough estimate of cost for you to consider when starting a project.

Shopping guidelines

Living Rooms:

Sofas $1800-$2500

Chairs $650-$950

End Tables $175-400

Coffee Tables $350-$750

Lamps $79-129

Rugs $299-$499

Accessories $500-1500

Wall Art $500-$1500

TV Consoles $1500-$3000


Headboard/Bed $300-$1000

Nightstands $499-$699

Lamps $79-$129

Rugs $299-$499

Kitchens & Dining Rooms:

5 Piece Set (table +4 chairs) $1200-$1800

7 Piece Set (table +6 chairs or bench) $1500-$2100

Dining Chairs $129-$250

Buffet $750-$2000

Backsplash $1500-$3000

Lighting, Flooring, and Paint will be based on the finishes and products chosen during our consultation.

Barstools $100-$300


Desks $499-$2000

Consoles $400-$2000

How do I pay?

We allow convenient payment options for all. Check, Credit, and Online payments are accepted. Our administrative team will discuss your options with you as well.

When can we get started?

Please email dreamteam@1designonadime.com to start the process.

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