5 Tips To Implement Minimalist Style Interior Design at Home

Almost everyone has heard this phrase above, but only the minimalists are living it. Especially with the rise of the Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo, the minimalist living trend has gone up through the roof.

Some people might think that the practice of minimalism is equal to suffering and having close to nothing, while it’s actually quite the opposite. Being a minimalist means living free of the unnecessary, removing things that have less or no value to your life.

Minimalist living, instead of making you suffer from lack of belongings, will make you live ecstatic by the things you have. Because when you’re committed to minimalist living, it means that every single thing you have will have some value, and meaning and gives you joy from just owning it.

What Is Minimalist Style Interior Design?

Minimalist living extends not only from how you live your life but also to how you design the space around you, including your home. A minimalist style interior design means that your home will only include things that have value and meaning for you.

Also, embracing the spirit of Less Is More means eliminating as many things as possible but still considering that you have to have all the things you really need to live. Sounds so complicated? Well, you’re not alone. That’s why today, we present you with the top five tips you can implement in your house to make it a minimalist home.

5 Tips For A Minimalist Style Interior Design

You can do many things to make your house a minimalist one. But continuing the spirit of minimalism, we will only present you with the essential ones.

1.   Pick A Few Muted Color Accents

A minimalist home often incorporates monochromatic interior design themes to give an impression of being “less.” Having monochromatic interior design themes isn’t always dull because the benefit is that a simple muted color accent could really draw the eyes.

Having a monochromatic theme in your home is like having a blank canvas that will accentuate a single drop of color, whatever the color is. You can add a simple art you love, a gorgeous plant, or even a different color coffee table.

2.   Invest In High-Quality Furniture

Having a minimalist home means that every single thing should have a more profound meaning for you, have top-level usability, and last for a long time. Hence, you should never buy an item only because of the “low price with a cute look.”  Instead, while doing your design, focus on having high-quality furniture with a design that you love to see, with superb usability and durability.

With such furniture at your home,  you could mitigate your living cost because you won’t need to do maintenance or buy more in the future when it breaks. And the best part? You will have peace of mind because you know that every piece of furniture you buy has value and they give you joy just by looking at it.

3.   Use Lighting As Decor

Having a minimalist interior design doesn’t mean you cannot add any decoration to your home. You might think that decoration doesn’t have any usability, but the truth is, if it gives you joy and happiness, it’s okay to have it.

But, still, with the spirit of less is more, instead of having a regular piece of decoration, you could substitute an indispensable piece in your house such as lighting as a decoration. 

4.   Allow Plenty of Open Spaces

When you have a minimalist style interior design, the focus is to think “what more can I eliminate” instead of “what else can I add.” Never fill a space in your home just for the sake of filling it.

Instead, let the empty space in your house exist to give a more expansive feeling. Having an empty space in your home won’t only give an impression of a larger house, but it will also accentuate the existence of other furniture, giving your home a more minimalist living feels.

5.   Use a Multi-Functioned Furniture

The last one is still with the spirit of less is more. While having less furniture could be pleasing to your eyes, some people couldn’t stand the lack of fittings in their home. We also can’t disregard the need for some cabinets for those who have more people at home or require more equipment in their lives. But, rest assured, we got just the perfect solutions.

You can always get multi-functioned furniture for your minimalist home. A stair with cabinets, sofas or bed with drawers as the base, or even a TV table combined with a shoe rack underneath. Nowadays, many other multi-functioned pieces of furniture are out there that you can find by simply looking online.

Still, Having Trouble?

Well, doesn’t it feels exhilarating and joyful to design your own house? With these five top tips, I assure you that you can always make a minimalist style interior design for your own house.

But, if you don’t have the time to design your own house, don’t have the connections of where to buy the right furniture, and don’t know where to start, rest assured, we have you covered. You can always consult with our team to design your house. With our 15+ years of experience, you will surely have the perfect interior design that you’ve always dreamt of.

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